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Responsible leadership

February, 19 in Responsible leadership
Combining human and artificial intelligence

On the 1st of March, Sebastian Raisch teaches in our Geneva EMBA his module “Strategic Management”. Our participants will become familiar with basic issues related to strategic management in ...

February, 16 in Responsible leadership
What is value, and how can it be created sustainably?

Sebastian Buckup just taught in the second year of our Geneva EMBA his module “Cross-sector partnerships – Creating shared Value” with his colleague Thomas Philbeck. Our participants will learn ...

January, 18 in Responsible leadership

If you enroll now, your evolution towards greater leadership will occur during a period of multifaceted, complex, and uncertain economic upheavals, which are at the same time particularly favorable. ...

January, 18 in Responsible leadership
In conversation with Katherine Milligan, Adjunct Professor of Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship

What is Social Innovation and why is it relevant to our times? Katherine Milligan, Adjunct Professor of Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship: Social innovation is a growing field with increasing ...

December, 21 in Responsible leadership
EMBA and self leadership: meeting your world of tomorrow

Do you see yourself in a role, in an environment to which you feel intimately destined? Or are you dreaming of identifying it? Why not turn this dream into ...

December, 21 in Responsible leadership
In Conversation with Dr. Robert Langan: “You’ll be equipped to lead an organization through changing times, from flexible working to diversity and AI”

What is Organization Design? Dr. Robert Langan, Academic Fellow teaching Organization Design: The Organization Design course on the Geneva EMBA delves into the drivers and implications of different organizational ...

December, 1 in Responsible leadership
EMBA and self-leadership: the key to your employability in a transforming world

Increasing your technical competence in your specific field is a choice of hyper-specialization. Training in leadership broadens your employability horizons at a time when companies are in search of ...

September, 15 in Responsible leadership
Good managers often make unethical decisions – and don’t even know it

This morning, our second-year students embark on their journey to learn how to demonstrate leadership in complexity with Judith Schrempf-Stirling’s class: Organizational Responsibility and Ethics. Judith Schrempf-Stirling is Professor ...

September, 14 in Responsible leadership
New options for decision making in turbulent times

This morning, our new class begins its learning journey with its first course: Strategic Thinking, Decision Making, Communication. Taught by Martin Eppler, this promises to be a dynamic one. ...

June, 7 in Responsible leadership
What do we mean with Organizational Responsibility ?

On April 27th, our Academic Director Judith Schrempf-Sterling held a Masterclass about “Organizational responsibility and ethics”. Responsible Leadership is the flagship of our Geneva EMBA. we aim at developing leaders ...

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