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19 February 2024

Combining human and artificial intelligence

On the 1st of March, Sebastian Raisch teaches in our Geneva EMBA his module “Strategic Management”.

Our participants will become familiar with basic issues related to strategic management in organizations and be able to critically assess an organization’s positioning and business model.

Of course, the impact of AI will be taken into account. Former Director of the Geneva EMBA, member of the prestigious Academy of Management Journal (AMJ) Editorial Review Board, Sebastian’s researches focus on the impact of Artificial Intelligence on strategic decision making.

Following Sebastian Raisch’s researches, organizations increasingly use artificial intelligence (AI) to solve previously unexplored problems. While routine tasks can be automated, the intricate nature of exploratory tasks, such as solving new problems, demands a hybrid approach that integrates human intelligence with AI. The outcomes of this human–AI collaboration are contingent on the processes employed to combine human intelligence and AI. Compared to human problem-solving, autonomous search generates more distant solutions, sequential search enables more local solutions, and interactive search promotes more recombinative ones. Collectively, these hybrid problem-solving processes broaden the range of organizational search outcomes. See Sebastian’s article on the topic here.


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