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Our partners and alumni

Ensuring a concrete connection between cutting-edge academic courses and the realities of the Geneva ecosystem, for enabling our students to understand the challenges of various economic sectors and for leveraging their learning to become responsible leaders in action.

Our sponsors:

The Geneva Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCIG)

Boasting around 2,600 member companies, the CCIG is a private law association, founded in 1865. Independent of the state, its aim is to ensure a strong economy, enabling companies that make up the local economic fabric to conduct their business sustainably. Its autonomy and representativeness make it the spokesperson for the economy in dealings with public authorities.

Through its partnership with the CCIG, the Geneva EMBA strengthens its ties with the Geneva ecosystem in its clearly established position towards the city of Geneva and its businesses. The CCIG enables this outreach as well as the promotion of the diploma among its members.

Key advantages

  • Debates and exchanges around the Geneva ecosystem
  • Company visits and real business cases
  • Conferences and events
  • Visit at the CCIG and access to its members
  • Visibility of our program and students

Get in touch and let’s talk about it by completing this contact form. Partner code: CCIG24

Fédération des Entreprises Romandes (FER)

As a prominent business federation representing companies across the Swiss Romande region, the FER plays a vital role in advocating for the interests of its members and promoting economic development. The FER is committed to fostering a dynamic business environment and supporting the growth and success of its diverse membership base.

Through its partnership with the Geneva EMBA programme, housed within the Geneva School of Economics and Management (GSEM) at the University of Geneva, the FER offers its members exclusive benefits and opportunities for professional development.

Key advantages

  • A preferential 20% reduction on six enrolments per programme cycle
  • Enrol key personnel in the Geneva EMBA and see immediate returns on investment and strategic growth opportunities
  • Benefit from company visits, conferences, roundtable discussions, and real-world case studies with over 30 partner enterprises from various sectors

Get in touch and let’s talk about it by completing this contact form. Partner code: FER24

Career Women's Forum

The Career Women Forum (CWF) is a non-profit, bilingual (French and English) Swiss association founded in 1982 in Geneva by highly committed and pioneering women. Its mission is to encourage women’s professional development through the exchange of ideas, networking, and self-fulfillment to achieve recognition as active and engaged women – capable of influencing socio-professional life.

The primary objective of the partnership with the Career Women’s Forum is to encourage women to benefit from the Geneva EMBA. Our second objective is to support the success of our graduates in their post-MBA careers.

Key advantages

  • 4 places with a 20% reduction in the cost of studies for women members of the CWF
  • Our students will benefit from the CWF expertise with mentoring sessions

Get in touch and let’s talk about it by completing this contact form. Partner code: CWF24

Our community of partners

Key activities

  • Welcoming courses within the organization, for confronting learning and real-life challenges from boards and executives of different branches
  • Offering high-quality guest speakers for our courses
  • Providing guidance to students during their second-year Capstone Project.
  • Sponsoring the awards of the Graduation Ceremony
  • Providing facilities for our Geneva EMBA networking events
  • Opening our students to the Geneva Ecosystem of entrepreneurs

Our alumni association

Sigrist Alain
Devincenti Nicolas
Jaggi Karim
Boustany Christine
Main chapters

Talent Synergizer: 

  • Organized with the support of FLAG and HIAG, this yearly event is a unique opportunity to meet the best talents in town and the most dynamic companies of the Geneva economy. 24 selected companies will be invited to share their challenges in terms of talent and skills, but also how they reflect to the needs and values of today’s engaged generation.
Chapter’s head: Laurent Clavel

Selection Process:

  • This chapter is responsible for leading the preliminary interviews with our EMBA candidates. It ensures the quality as well as the motivation of our future students.
Chapter’s head: Gouedard Isis

Coaches Self-Leadership:

  • This chapter ensures the mentoring of our students for helping them to develop scenarios on how to take advantage of their studies into their own career.
Chapter’s head: Lalonde Pierre-François
& Ganzoury Ash

Best Thesis Award:

  • This chapter is in charge of evaluating the top Capstone projects and selecting the winner of the Baume & Mercier award during the graduation ceremony.
Chapter’s head: Ekinci Hakan

Career coaching:

  • This chapter is responsible for organizing two annual networking events that provide students and alumni with the opportunity to attend a conference on a relevant and pressing topic. These events facilitate the sharing of contacts and exchange of ideas in a supportive environment.
Chapter’s head: Lefloch-Andersen Lone

Social Event :

  • This chapter organizes the yearly Garden Party, providing students and alumni with the chance to enjoy a relaxed and friendly gathering with their families in a stunning mansion setting.
Chapter’s head: Devincenti Nicolas
Some events
- March 21, 2024

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