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Geneva EMBA: Cultivating self-aware leaders to drive global change

Introspection and self-exploration are necessarily part of learning about leadership. If you wish to unlock your potential, you will gain invaluable personal and professional benefits from your Geneva EMBA. Our program dedicated to self-leadership and responsible leadership has received official recognition, placing it among the top 2% of global Business Schools*.

The incredible social, environmental, and technological evolution of the economy now demands different decision-making and structural skills, rooted not only in traditional patterns of authority and organization but also in the ability to understand, anticipate, and think within an inherently volatile context. What does not change, however, is that the success or failure of projects usually depends on team cohesion. In this chaotic global economy, the directive model of the baby boomers no longer works. Leaders understand that their activity will shortly involve redefining a collective ideal, led with agility and driven by a new generation of designing, unifying, and visionary leaders.

The Geneva EMBA: self-leadership for knowing how to be, responsible leadership for knowing how to act
Traditional leadership, once embodied by charismatic figures, has gradually eroded to meet the challenges of the times and the advent of the short-term era. Leaders are expected not to manage but to create an inclusive and equitable work environment that is as efficient as one where everyone feels valued and respected, with a deep understanding of the perspectives that shake the world. With this in mind, the Geneva EMBA awakens your leadership, forging your capacity for analysis, decision-making, creativity, and project management in complexity and uncertainty. It prepares you to act positively in the face of globalization phenomena, market deregulation, technological advances, European taxonomy, climate change, and the societal aspirations of the younger generations. It strengthens your ability to federate beyond beliefs, habits, and patterns inherited from the industrial revolution.

Your professional career will likely see biodiversity become a work-value
Half of the global gross domestic product is still directly dependent on nature. Organizations now acknowledge the importance of their contribution to preserving the biotope and offer new leaders the opportunity to lead essential reforms, including the implementation of virtuous economic models. The Geneva EMBA aims to meet these needs in two years, with a curriculum full of meaning and skills for both economic and societal purposes. If you yourself wish to give new meaning to your professional activity, please contact us and enjoy a unique experience in the prestigious setting of the University of Geneva.

*The EXECUTIVE MBA from the University of Geneva (The Geneva EMBA) has received official recognition from the Association of MBAs (AMBA), placing it among the top 2% of global Business Schools

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