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21 May 2024

In conversation with Christine Boustany: “The self-leadership module fostered introspection and empowered me to lead with clarity and conviction.”

Businesses in modern times have reconsidered their worldview on human capital as what was once viewed as a liability for accounting books now is a ledger under pivotal asset. General practices in Human resources have significantly evolved, becoming a prime contributor to employee performance that leads to better business operations through the adaptation of good governance and compassionate leadership.

Recognized by many business leaders listed by Forbes under The World’s Best Employers 2023, all find it essential to foster a work culture where the teams contribute and thrive meaningfully to the organization’s success. Nothing short of a legacy when we share the story of one of our Alumni, Christine Boustany. She is the Chief Human Resources Officer at Terminal Investment Limited, overlooking HR matters for the company, globally. Christine shares her transformative journey from the University of Geneva’s EMBA program, to unlocking new leadership paradigms.

A Path of Reciprocity and Reward
Reflecting on her journey, Christine acknowledged the sacrifices she made to pursue higher education while balancing other responsibilities.
“The EMBA was challenging yet rewarding. I had to prioritize my studies over my social life, but it was worth it.” For her, it was an enriching experience with a combination of knowledge of business fundamentals and specialized modules comprised of Finance, Self-leadership, and coaching that drove her toward career development and personal advancements.

Choosing UNIGE for her EMBA
Christine chose to pursue her EMBA to accelerate her career, grow personally, and balance work and family commitments. When choosing UNIGE, she conducted meticulous research on the modules offered at that time, the quality of professors, and the alignment of the curriculum with her goals, particularly in finance and international business. She expressed, “The decision to pursue an EMBA at the University of Geneva was strategic and well-researched.” For Christine, the program provided her insights into business aspects, working in international environments, and managing cross-cultural challenges, which not only exceeded her expectations but felt relevant to her aspiration at work.

The Great Shift
Christine’s professional journey demonstrates a mastership in adaptability and a commitment to personal values alongside professional pursuits. “Personal reasons that changed me and my values for a continuing career got me to switch from marketing to human resources.”
With a background in advertising, her shift towards human resources was driven by a desire for career alignment and fulfillment of plans close to her values. This shift, coupled with her EMBA studies, equipped her with the skills and knowledge needed to thrive in her new role.

Accelerating Professional Growth
Joining PROMAR Shipping Services as Marketing and Communication Specialist in 2012 marked a significant milestone in her career, propelling her into a promising career path. In her transition, she had taken on a dualistic role, managing both marketing and HR in parallel. Christine was later appointed exclusively as an HR Manager in 2015 when the company witnessed growth in the workforce.
Seeking growth in her ambitious new role, Christine aligned with her plans, taking steps to enhance her understanding of Swiss Employment Law by taking modules privately and addressing any challenges and objectives accompanying her role. She emphasized her position, “I have been in Human resources for 9 years of my career, and it has been a great journey from learning to practicing.”

 From Leadership to Mentorship
After completing her EMBA in 2017, Christine became a self-leadership coach at UNIGE, guiding others to find their purpose and navigate their careers. She emphasized, “The self-leadership module fostered introspection and empowered me to lead with clarity and conviction.”
In 2018, She joined MSC’s Terminal Investment Limited, continuing her HR role there, and by 2024, she was appointed Chief Human Resources Officer. Guided by her philosophy and the principles of governance, she effectively handles HR responsibilities, exhibits strong leadership skills, and plays a key role in fostering a positive work environment that contributes to overall organizational success.

Christine’s journey extended beyond academic achievement, unlocking her leadership potential and shaping her approach to HR management. As she continues to chart new horizons in HR management, Christine hopes she could inspire others to pursue lifelong learning and embrace growth opportunities.

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