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23 March 2023

Yanqing Wyrsch:”The MBA program at the University of Geneva allowed me to continue my study without leaving my job”

Some talented mindsets shine brighter than most in a world full of courage and determination. We reached out to one of our Alumni whose career path encapsulates the essence of progress in real-world challenges. Yanqing Wyrsch is currently working for Swisscom Switzerland as the Managing Director of Swisscom Outpost China and graduated from the University of Geneva with MBA in 2007, had this to say.

I had the mission to improve a business unit’s efficiency and customer satisfaction at the largest ICT company in Switzerland. I needed to deepen my understanding of business management and master more advanced working methods at that time.

The MBA program at the University of Geneva allowed me to continue my study without leaving my job. My MBA thesis focused on creating a new conceptual service and realizing a true business transformation. After two years of step-by-step implementation of the concept, the changes succeeded perfectly in all business goals. It was my personal and professional achievement, but also one of the valuable returns on investment that the MBA had given me. After my MBA graduation, I continued progression in my professional career in the company.

In the last six-and-a-half years, as Managing Director of Swisscom Outpost in China, I had many start-up contacts, and I realized that the MBA program is essential for the in-service manager and young business creators. Over 90% of start-ups could not survive more than five years. The University of Geneva MBA program could offer them the opportunities to develop business leadership skills to increase their company survival rate and to create and maintain an excellent professional network.

Transformation and progress take time to reach a certain stature, however abstruse the challenges may be. The only objective that substances are the vision of change and the pursuit of learning the ways to bridge the gap. That is what we learned from Yanqing in her career and academic growth.

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