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29 February 2024

The traditional EMBA After-Class Drinks at Lady Godiva: networking, support and friendship

On February 8th, EMBA students, alumni, professors, and recent graduates gathered at the iconic Lady Godiva Pub near UniMail, Geneva, for an evening of camaraderie and networking.

An annual event organized by the EMBA programme, the After-Class Drinks provided a relaxed setting for attendees to connect, exchange ideas, and foster professional relationships in a convivial atmosphere.

Hakan Ekinci, Head of the Alumni chapter, emphasized the significance of these gatherings, stating, “The traditional EMBA After-Class Drinks are organised every January and offer a valuable opportunity for alumni and students to engage in meaningful conversations and expand their networks. The popularity and importance of the event is a testament to the close-knit community fostered by the EMBA programme.”

The event welcomed participants from a range of modules, including graduates of IOMBA (the Geneva School of Economics and Management), EMBA professors, alumni from the past three years and current students. Recently-enrolled students were also invited, allowing them to connect with alumni and get to know staff members. This diverse turnout reflects the programme’s commitment to inclusivity and collaboration across cohorts.

Pierre Bonnaventure, an attendee, shared his positive experience, remarking, “I thoroughly enjoyed the evening. Despite being initially hesitant in networking settings, the welcoming ambiance created by Lorine and fellow attendees made me feel at ease. The conversations flowed naturally, allowing for genuine connections to form.”

Michelle Fotopoulos expressed her thanks to the EMBA team for organizing the event, highlighting its role in facilitating meaningful interactions between alumni and current students, saying, “It was a wonderful opportunity to reconnect with friends from the programme and engage in insightful discussions in a relaxed environment.”


Ruth McLachlin, an IOMBA alumnae said, “The EMBA team has fostered a bustling community of current students and alumni who inspire and support each other as we apply what we’ve learned in Geneva and beyond.”

The EMBA After-Class Drinks event at Lady Godiva Pub underscored the programme’s commitment to fostering strong connections and providing a platform for continued growth and professional development.

As the evening drew to a close, participants left with a renewed sense of camaraderie, eagerly anticipating future opportunities for collaboration and engagement within the EMBA community.

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