September, 12 in Student’s life

A new Year has begun at the Geneva EMBA

A new year of emba has begun. Our 32 students have joined the university with a thirst for learning, as well as the desire to forge connections and develop a meaningful, socially responsible career.

For our 17 new students, they reflect the usual diversity of our program. They come from 8 different nationalities, with a gender balance, ranging in age from 32 to 47, and they come from various backgrounds including public, private, international, and NGO sectors. Their eagerness for exploration and collaboration will undoubtedly help them learn to work together based on this diversity. However, it’s also important to have common values. A teambuilding exercise was conducted to bring these values to the forefront and to have them evaluated by our present alumni.

For our 15 students embarking on their second year of studies, the question was more about how to approach the rest of the curriculum. While the first year equipped them with effective management tools, the focus now is on stepping back to consider how to responsibly tackle today’s and tomorrow’s challenges. In short, it’s as much about learning to question as it is about solving.

These exciting challenges will be revisited throughout the year in this EMBAnews space.

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