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15 March 2024

Geneva EMBA Evening at La Nautique: Navigating the future!

What a splendid concept to bring together alumni and prospective students of the Geneva EMBA in the halls of the legendary Nautical Society of Geneva! And it was indeed a hit. The program’s mentors and former students were able to share their experiences with guests, primarily comprised of managers and executives from various sectors.

On February 29th, a group of fifty gathered to discuss the role of education in any career path, and what an EMBA means in the eyes of recruiters, but even more importantly, to the graduates themselves. The friendly and casual gathering was kicked off by Alexandre Nickbarte-Mayer — General Secretary of La Nautique and a Geneva EMBA alumnus.

Benjamin Gietzendanner, also a Geneva EMBA holder and the Romand head of BearingPoint, an EMBA partner, further enriched the conversation with insights into the competencies required to lead the energy, organizational, and technological transition of companies.

Testimonials from several alumni wrapped up the presentation. And perhaps it was this moment that proved to be the most impactful, offering interesting perspectives on the benefits of such education, not just in terms of the spectrum of knowledge and leadership learning, but also in terms of self-perception and the meaning one assigns to their professional journey.
The evening concluded with a culinary workshop, where guests had the chance to participate in making a risotto under the guidance of a chef.

The takeaway from the evening: The Geneva EMBA represents a “way of life,” impacting both career progression and self-esteem.

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