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7 June 2023

What do we mean with Organizational Responsibility ?

On April 27th, our Academic Director Judith Schrempf-Sterling held a Masterclass about “Organizational responsibility and ethics”. Responsible Leadership is the flagship of our Geneva EMBA. we aim at developing leaders that will be able to take distance toward the speed of the economic world, to analyze complex issues, to deal with their stakeholders and to have the courage to take conscious decisions. This class gives you an insight about what we mean through responsibility.

Let’s listen to what Judith wished to share during this event:

This masterclass is divided into two parts. First, we will discuss corporate social responsibility and explore various responsible management and compliance tools. The first part frames the theoretical and practical debate around CSR and provides an overview of its development. We also discuss the regulatory context that shapes and constrains responsible corporate conduct. Second, we will also discuss organisational ethics and examine the role of ethics and values in management and the unconscious biases that make responsible decision making challenging. This part focuses on employee privacy and whistleblowing as these are two issues that affect employees on a daily basis.

Listen to it by clicking on the picture below (45′).

Judith, our expert in corporate social responsibility, also recently published an article about why corporate success requires dealing with the past.



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