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December, 21 in Inside

Gerardo Rivera Valencia: “The EMBA provided me with a solid foundation in finance, management, economics, and propelled my Career.”

We are witnessing a shift in the business landscape, where economic policies and trend analysis are central to success, and such are the catalysts that play a pivotal role in pursuing career development for many. In the age of rapid globalization and outreach, businesses determine new opportunities where gaps have thickened and demand economic supplements. This story is a testament that sheds light on the daring transformation of Gerardo Rivera Valencia, an Alumni of UNIGE, who navigated the complex landscapes of his career and achieved astonishing results, rooted back to a decisive decision.

Geneva’s Multi-Dynamic Economy
Geneva has been and still is fundamental to many countries as the center for Global business trade and policies. It serves as a crucible for economic forms and policy referendums for many industry leaders prominently conquering modern-day challenges. The success of such industries hinges on the capability to deliver state-of-the-art technology, on the competence of top-performing individuals through communication and relationship development, propelling industries to achieve their goals, and trade long-term objectives.

A step in the right direction – Gerardo Rivera Valencia’s Testimony
At the height of Gerardo’s career journey as a Regional Sales Manager at GE, following his engineering specialization in Mexico, he recognized the need for a change and a desire for new possibilities in business practices and applications, so he turned to UNIGE’s EMBA program. Gerardo was driven by the inertia in his career path, and set new goals to strengthen his career, propelling him towards a sustainable future.

Gerardo reflects, “I had made up my mind on a need for a change, assessing options whether to change companies, progressing alternate field, or embrace globalization and change countries. EMBA at that time presented itself as a prevailing solution to reinforce my achievements and progress my position towards new business strategies and innovation.”

Why did Geneva become central?
Geneva was a strategic move for Gerardo, considering the access, financial decisions, diverse culture, central position in Europe, and above all factors, UNIGE’s prominence throughout the academic realm. Gerardo wanted full access to the business networks it had to offer, and the advantages that attracted the most encompassed financial, social, and overall quality of life.

He elaborates further, “To be in France’s Annecy, just an hour’s drive from Geneva, provided me with the opportunity to experience the city’s vibrant culture and business environment. Geneva’s strategic location permitted me to connect with Swiss companies, access to professionals, and be immersed in Europe’s bustling business landscape.”

Gerardo showcased a level of commitment, a testament to what sheer focus and dedication can do to attain a future of realistic outcomes.

He added, “My decision to enroll in UNIGE was assured after determining their reputation as the No. 1 institution in Geneva. Their program curriculums, coupled with their prestige were decisive factors for me not only wanting education but also gain experience to reshape my professional path in business decision making and practices.”

Gerardo’s strategic decisions and efforts have paid their dues, currently working for Sécheron SA as the Area Sales Manager for Latin America and Egypt. UNIGE’s EMBA had positioned him as a key player in expanding the railways in these regions while delivering solutions to reduce carbon emissions.

Gerardo attests, “Thanks to the EMBA, it opened doors to Geneva and countless possibilities. It allowed me to access Europe, live in Switzerland, and achieve the quality of life I desired.”

He added, “The EMBA provided me with a solid foundation in finance, management, economics, and propelled my Career. These learning curves elevated my performance and set me on a path to success in economic growth and competitiveness.”

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