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9 May 2023

Talent Synergizer 2023: Dynamic partners for a dynamic event

For 30 years, our Geneva EMBA has always been rooted in the city and the region. Many executives or leaders of iconic companies such as Pictet, Rolex, or HUG have been trained within our program. The connection with these organizations remains strong, but today, new companies also contribute to the richness and dynamism of our program. They were the ones who joined our students at our Talent Synergizer 2023 event.

Alpian, Oneswiss, and Socar Trading brought their experience of new business models in an evolving finance world. They also drew some important inspirations from the discussions on how to lead these with today’s talents. Pierre-Emmanuel Clément from Oneswiss said, “Understanding the challenges and concerns of younger generations facing a constantly changing business world is probably the key to identifying and attracting talent, and this exchange evening was very enriching in that regard.”

As the goal was indeed to exchange, to better understand each other between the executives in training within our Geneva EMBA and representatives from the economy. Vusal Kazimli, one of our students, sums it up: “I didn’t come looking for a job, mine suits me. What’s important to me is to broaden my horizons and understand the developments in the world of work beyond my industry.” This motivation is shared by companies, even those that are inherently confronted with numerous branches of the ecosystem such as consulting firms AdValoris, BearingPoint, or KPMG. Sylvie Martin from KPMG summed it up at the end of the evening: “Thank you all for the beautiful and enriching exchanges, it was a pleasure to participate.”

The same goes for the industry, represented by Cytiva, ID-Quantique, and Intuitive, for whom attracting and retaining talent is key to their technological advancement and market success. For Céline Gardes from Intuitive, “thank you for including me in this event and these rich exchanges”. Not to forget Bacardi, a distinguished representative of the consumer goods sector. And OM Pharma, one of the most committed players in the pharmaceutical branch.

We also invited the main recruitment actors in Romandie, Emmenegger Conseils, and Vicario Consulting, for their vision of the talent market, where not all companies evolve at the same pace in the face of changes in the economic world and talent.

Finally, managers of international and public organizations were also with us, such as UNCTAD and the City of Geneva. Not only for their importance as an employer, but also for their own vision of current trends. According to Martial Challandes from RTS, “Very good format and very good moderation. The demands of students towards companies are eclectic and enlightened. Connecting professionals within groups has emerged as central, the value of “courage” of leaders is key.”

Last but not least, the event was made possible thanks to the support of our sponsors, Ville de Genève, SV Group for the catering, and HIAG for graciously providing us with this magnificent and welcoming setting that is the Hive Innovation Lab.

Thank you all for the trust that binds us and allows us to enrich the learning of our students and our partners.

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