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17 June 2024

The Geneva EMBA: do it now!

In a world of profound transformation, the Geneva EMBA embodies a visionary and forward-looking approach. Our program, among the best in the world, offers a strategy to provide each participant with the tools and mindset needed to build a career that meets the current and future needs of Swiss and international businesses. There are still a few spots available for the 2024-2025 cohort. Sign up now!

Is changing jobs or gaining more responsibility within the same management framework really the only question to consider?

In reality, never before has the context demanded the emergence of different leaders, to create and lead sustainable solutions and positive strategies for a new world, transformed by digital power, environmental regulations, demands for responsible governance, and the ambition of the new economic titans.

We live in a world where technology is constantly accelerating. A world where nearly four billion people use the Internet, where billions of connected objects proliferate, without us already knowing how to manage their impacts. A world where Japanese farmers use exoskeletons to lift heavy loads, where the average education level is increasing across all continents, where the majority of students and graduates will come from emerging countries, especially Asia, and where start-ups are redefining entire sectors of the global economy.

Most of the companies, as well as NGOs and administrations, struggle to find the skills to initiate and lead their digital transformation. Just as they struggle to implement their environmental and social responsibility. They need agile, creative, educated professionals, ready for change. In this hyper-fluid world, with constantly shifting balances, the role of innovation will increase, requiring new leaders capable of conceptualizing, as well as convincing and mobilizing the workforce within their company and external stakeholders.

Tomorrow, the largest part of the economy will be digital. And its actors will all face the need for transparency regarding their ethical positioning. By extension, most functions will be reorganized, destroyed, or created.

With a curriculum as effective as the Geneva EMBA, your professional experience will be enriched with an essential skill for the near future: leading or participating in the evolution of your economic and organizational ecosystem in its uses, business strategies, and ethical challenges. The Geneva EMBA will train you to understand and bring together your teams in an increasingly intangible market, to strengthen your taste for competition that demands collaboration, to manage failure, to position yourself against your peers, and to cultivate your desire to change the world. In a word, it will strengthen your self-leadership.

Whether you want to continue in your current sector or explore new horizons, life-changing opportunities await you if you can convince business leaders to engage in the inevitable transformations that lie ahead. There are still a few places available for the Geneva EMBA 2024-2025 cohort; our new website, launched a few months ago, will reveal the program, testimonials from teachers and students, and many contents on a multitude of subjects.

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