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1 June 2023

Yassine El Charkaoui: “I choose UNIGE thanks to its academic excellence”

Many times, in our careers we come to recognize unique challenges and gaps that cannot be conquered without first progressing our mindset and knowledge base. Leaders have always had the right drive and motivation needed to excel in the field of problem solving and bring the new science to the people of tomorrow. In the aviation industry, we spoke to one of our Alumni, who gave us his telltale on his success in aviation landscape since UNIGE.

UNIGE was a life changing experience for me where you have the opportunity to learn about business practices and how to develop a strong business network. I had the opportunity to interact with people from different backgrounds, culture exposure and mindsets had helped me develop team-work. I was able to find the right balance between work and study where it took me good time management, setting the right priorities and good planning to achieve my MBA. The facility and curriculum for the class was well set for me by the professors who supported the environment to enable a good learning experience. My most memorable learning experience was the Self Leadership Lab, led by Mr. Jean-Yves Mercier and Organizational Design, led by Mr. Markus Menz.

I choose UNIGE thanks to its academic excellence and its existing partnership with IATA as there existed a support system and my personal motive was to gain leadership, management and soft skills that I needed to push my career further towards a managerial capacity. I had always been a technical expert in my field and since my MBA I have gained more authority in my field where I get to work with and influence people to overdeliver and drive activities across the business line with complete coherency.  The critical thinking process, standards of work quality and problem solving have matured in my career over the years since my MBA and what I have achieved personally.

Yassine is set on the path to progressing the aviation industry by being definite of the best practices, ensuring good workplace environment and to participate in helping the aviation industry achieve lower impact on the environment.

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