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March, 10 in Inside

Mike Wolfson: “Completing an MBA at the University of Geneva, a well-respected university, definitely contributed to my success in finding a great job at Hewlett-Packard”

There are many reasons why people feel the need to expand their limited knowledge and capabilities in their careers. Be it challenges in their roles, industry, or even wanting to become the best in the field, whichever it may be. For many, it’s about daring and being strategic in such challenges that make them successful. Here is a success story that defines just that:

Mike Wolfson, MBA in Finance of 1997, graduated with honors and currently one of the top Alumni of the University of Geneva. He had this to say about his ambitions to pursue further studies and what he experienced during and after his graduation.

A multilingual MBA, completed in 9 months, with a 3-month internship at the end was perfect for me to both learn an incredible amount and also find an excellent job in the city I love and wanted to stay in.

Completing an MBA at the University of Geneva, a well-respected university, definitely contributed to my success in finding a great job at Hewlett-Packard.  The group work, multinational makeup of the students, the excellence of the professors, the case study and module format, etc., made this a great experience for me and one I am grateful to have had.”

“Thanks to the MBA and its reach into the local business community, I was offered interesting internships and my overall academic experience at the University of Geneva was a great trampoline for me to excel in an international headquarters role.

After his accomplishment with the University of Geneva by completing his MBA in Finance, Mike succeeded in securing an internship role that turned into a full-time appointment with a renowned corporation Hewlett-Packard. In his first official role, Mike was assigned under HP Europe CFO and was responsible for a program intended to nurture the efficiency of the European nomadic workers and further sustain the corporation’s real estate requisites.  He followed up that role by becoming a real estate entrepreneur and today is the owner/manager of Paragon-SA, a boutique real estate asset manager that is one of the most successful in Geneva.

For the past 30 years, including the last 20 as an executive program, the Geneva EMBA program by UNIGE has been bringing together the best in class experience, research, and academic faculties to help develop the leaders of tomorrow.

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