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September, 25 in Inside

Sandra Nobre: “EMBA gave me the ability and confidence to easily find the answers to many pressing matters in my workspace and life in general.”

There is great value in building ones own innate abilities that shapes the future you plan to achieve. For that to happen, one needs to recognize the requirements it will fulfil and benefits those who you will naturally form corporation with. In this triumphant feat, success becomes sustainable and greater strides are achieved. Sandra Nobre, our staple Alumni who gave us a fine print of her experience and achievements reflecting her EMBA.

“What EMBA does for professionals like myself, is that it provides us the confidence to tackle any challenging situation at any level in our careers, and fearlessly approach the solution with the right mindset. EMBA gave me the ability to find the answers to many pressing matters in my workspace and life in general. You develop not only the Hard skills which are essential, but also sharpen your soft skills and transversal competencies that are practical in your daily interactions with your team, and assertiveness in doing complex activities.
Many of us from different backgrounds learn hard skills in a certain way, but may lack the soft skills and business intelligence. Since my career originated from pharmaceutical chemistry and Biotechnology, the most relevant thing for me as a human being and a professional was to learn soft skills and transversal competencies, because with any problematic position of this world, everything becomes relevant in this fearless culture, and so you can apply soft skills to achieve progress and more.
In my conclusive testament, choosing UNIGE was due to its well-placed selection and diversity of guest lecturers with legacies that stem from MIT, United nations, Parliamentarian, and more. They bring in broad range of learning experience of real-world situations, and also due to Geo-political placement of Geneva, allowed us to have access to many renowned personalities in our class. In terms of ROI, its huge when you consider the faculties, learning materials, diversified international class peers, external and internal sources of lecturers, and how UNIGE has designed its program for the EMBA.”

With 28 years of success in pharmaceutical giants like Pfizer and Novartis, Sandra now leads Global Business Development at MPP, a UN-backed public health organization, streamlining medicine access in LMICs. She prescribes key habits for EMBA success: mental readiness for transformation, disciplined time management amidst work, family, and academics, and, if necessary, the willingness to sacrifice personal commitments for lasting success.

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