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September, 22 in The Geneva advantage

Mastering Business Challenges with Prof. Thomas Straub and BearingPoint

Our second-year EMBA students have embarked on a long-term module that will gradually enable them to Mastering Business Challenges. This course allows them to integrate their first-year learning around real-life situations. To support them in this consultant role, we have BearingPoint.

On the course itself first. Listening to Professor Thomas Straub, in his course students will learn necessary competencies to analyze an organizational context, but also construct and apraise strategic decisions.For reaching that pedagogical goal:

  • In a group project, participants will interact with the ecosystem in identifying and describing a concrete business challenge for a company or industry and in developing a suitable strategic option in order to manage this challenge.
  • Students will need to analyze and describe the context of a Business and identify a concrete Challenge.
  • Students will then need to identify and describe a suitable strategic option in order to best master this challenge.

In our Geneva EMBA, we don’t try to position ourselves in the middle between theory and practice. We emphasize high level academic teaching AND immersion in the Geneva Ecosystem. We don’t focus on using specific conceptual tools within the practice. We give our students the opportunity to meet real-life cases, and to choose themselves which of their learning would be accurate for confronting the situation. We don’t create super experts, we develop managers and leaders.

For that, they need the support of our professors, but also from high level professionals. BearingPoint has here provided our students with reflections on how to deal with a client, which goes beyond tools and recommendations. Benjamin Gietzendanner, Senior Manager, and Priscilia Vonlanthen, Business Consultant, have shared their experience in a very open and valuable way. The Geneva EMBA highly thanks you Benjamin and Priscilia, as well as Thomas Straub for inviting you.

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