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2 May 2024

In conversation with Vladimir Fadeev: “The EMBA was a pivotal moment that inspired me to explore new horizons.”

Have you ever wondered how we got here? – The landscapes we trek, the peaks we conquer, and the tunnels we run into are only the metaphase (milestone) towards change, a change in direction or purpose, and, to some, a transformation phase. Our business landscapes are ever-evolving, giving birth to new challenging scenarios and schools of thought, dynamically reshaping business education to counterbalance the demand to thrive and lead the future. The likes of Henry Ford and Steve Jobs, who faced difficult odds and hunger for success in innovation, proved that imagination demands actions and discipline. 

We had a fascinating interview with Vladimir Fadeev on his journey through the University of Geneva EMBA program in Entrepreneurial leadership with a specialization in Sustainable finance. He is an active Alumni with an ethos that exemplifies a profound narrative of growth, Impactful leadership, and resilience.

Ambitions of humble beginnings
Vladimir pointed towards the time of his birthplace, Moscow. The start of humble beginnings, his journey reflected the pursuit of excellence, serving in a café, then joining the first ever IKEA store in Moscow, he embraced the hospitality industry that paved the way for his professional ambitions. Vladimir expresses his earlier years, “I have always welcomed learning opportunities that presented themselves to me.”

EMBA A Catalyst for Change
The timeline he shared was one of critical times for the world, a tipping point for the disposition on emotional, financial, and uncertain future. In March 2020, when COVID-19 became an ever-present concern, grounding everyone at home, Vladimir had an intuition guiding him to seek intellectual stimulation and personal growth, leading him to pursue his EMBA with UNIGE. Vladimir experienced his EMBA journey in parallel with the transition from conventional learning to digital format, underscoring both adaptability and commitment towards success. Vladimir signifies, “The root experience that I felt at UNIGE was a joint transformation, a mutual digital transformation for myself and the university.”

Rediscovering Self-Leadership
The spark that set off the beacon of enlightenment was when Vladimir explored the self-leadership model, a framework presented itself and challenged him to redefine his position on leadership in totality. Viewing the complexities and introspective journey helped him to overcome his fears and embrace the entrepreneurial confidence that formerly anchored him due to security concerns. Through reflection upon a shared ideology passed down by Jean-Yves Mercier, director of the Self-Leadership program, “If you cannot lead yourself, your energy, and understand yourself, then how can you expect to lead others”, transformed Vladimir and his methods.

Entrepreneurial Potential at its peak
Reflecting on the path of exploration and the essence of entrepreneurship, Vladimir humbly credits his experiences for shaping his journey, “The EMBA was a pivotal moment that inspired me to explore new horizons.” Guided by this enhanced perspective, Vladimir modestly embarked on creating a business venture, leading to the continuous development of a collaborative restaurant chain. This year marks the 15th anniversary of the opening of the first establishment in what has become a beloved family-owned series, a milestone Vladimir celebrates with gratitude and a forward-looking spirit.

Anchoring ambitions with conviction
Vladimir embarked on a journey of self-discovery and entrepreneurial empowerment, equipped with newfound knowledge and courage. He embodies the ethos of innovation and leadership central to the EMBA program in all his endeavors. Vladimir shares a pivotal insight, saying, “Recognizing my strongest anchor has helped me find the right balance.” His commitment to his family serves as this anchor, guiding him through the complexities of entrepreneurship with purpose and conviction.
In the essence of professional pursuits and personal values, Vladimir reflected on his commitment to integrating and transitioning towards sustainable finance, inspired by his EMBA dissertation. His journey drove his dedication to fostering sustainability and social responsibility, leading him to participate actively in the self-leadership program, elevating his passion for mentorship & coaching, and embodying lifelong learning of ethos associated with impact-driven leadership. Vladimir has been paying forward the valuable lessons learned through effective coaching on management and self-leadership.


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