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December, 21 in Responsible leadership

EMBA and self leadership: meeting your world of tomorrow

Do you see yourself in a role, in an environment to which you feel intimately destined? Or are you dreaming of identifying it? Why not turn this dream into reality by completing your EMBA at the prestigious University of Geneva? Break out of your routine, make a real personal decision, and turn your education into your masterpiece!

It’s impressive: at its recent conference, OpenAI, the company that owns ChatGPT, revealed for the first time the audience for its conversational agent: 100 million individuals now use it each week. One doesn’t need to be an oracle to guess how this new generation of tools will accelerate task automation and fundamentally change the world of work.Whatever your responsibilities, it is almost certain that your career prospects will require the strengthening or even upgrading of your skills.

If we have to believe our alumni, the Geneva EMBA would be the ideal formula, and the global economic landscape would agree: digital transition, massive use of artificial intelligence, corporate and social and environmental responsibility programs (CSR-ESG), e-commerce, decarbonization of the mobility and energy industry, the construction and public works sector, digitization of engineering, eco-design, promise major changes and therefore real opportunities.

Last but not least, engaging in an EMBA is not just about gaining managerial or organizational skills: it is also an inner journey guided by top-level experts, with fellow students-professionals who are seasoned and aiming for the same self-fulfillment goal, professional legitimation conferred by an indisputable certification.

Testimonials from former students highlight the feeling of fear that marks the thought process before enrollment: do I have the level to embark on such an adventure? will I pass the exams, am I worthy of such an investment? The concern often relates to the perception of others. However, while the Geneva EMBA is not accessible to just anyone, it is above all a guided journey, towards subjects of immense interest in the reshaping of the economic world, including organizational intelligence, contextual acumen, vision of the signals of the future. The certification after two years is just the crowning achievement. This journey towards understanding current and future challenges, this preparation for dialogue with any type of organization and for leading any type of human resources, goes far beyond the notion of management. Companies from all sectors will soon need such a generation of leaders, trained to “sense”, analyze, develop and present, implement and steer new business models, without resorting to the tired illusions of hierarchical domination.

As one decision-maker who followed the Geneva EMBA shared, “I achieved my goals because I had my EMBA, not through the EMBA.” What a beautiful testimonial!

Whether you envision your career in entrepreneurship, intrapreneurship, or a change of direction, the self-leadership you will develop during the Geneva EMBA will strengthen your skills, but also and especially your self-awareness. Join this incredible adventure that will mark your life.

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