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December, 1 in Responsible leadership

EMBA and self-leadership: the key to your employability in a transforming world

Increasing your technical competence in your specific field is a choice of hyper-specialization. Training in leadership broadens your employability horizons at a time when companies are in search of a new generation of decision-makers, skilled in navigating technological and social transitions, as well as understanding strategic challenges.

It’s not just managerial roles, but responsible leadership and self-leadership that offer you the best potential for transferability across different professional domains. The world of work is undergoing a chaotic reshaping for several years due to the convergence of technological and social changes, some of which are more predictable, along with phenomenal global crises. In this context, many companies have realized the value of elevating their strategic core beyond mere management competence. For some, their survival depends on it. Digital transformation (and by extension AI) erodes certain functions while demanding new ones in the short term, even necessitating the development of new business models. Moreover, rebalancing the relationship between professional and personal life requires the creation of recruitment frameworks that align with the aspirations of the younger talent generations.
Business mechanisms are constantly evolving, with variables including market deregulation, environmental legislation, resource scarcity, and energy costs. Switzerland is not immune to these global shifts, and its relative economic tranquility is clearly affected, as is the case everywhere else.
Significant opportunities await those who possess not only management skills but, more importantly, the ability to anticipate these organizational, technological, and societal transitions in areas such as the environment, mobility, digitalization of processes, the new social contract, network cooperation, responsible governance, and communication.

How and for what purpose does the EMBA in Geneva teach leadership?

The Geneva EMBA of the University of Geneva offers a two-year program that teaches technical management disciplines on one hand and contextual leadership aligned with today’s business logic on the other. This curriculum enables you to interact with specialists from various fields, but it goes further. Given the complexity of technologies and the turbulence of markets, organizations are seeking “up-to-date” decision-makers capable of identifying and implementing productivity levers, economic modeling, and competitive positioning. This is the focus of the Geneva EMBA.
The world of employment is evolving, and if you are reading this article, it means you are interested in it. One thing is certain: the transferability of your skills, i.e., your employability, relies less on your managerial background and more on your self-leadership. The latter will take shape during the two years of your Geneva EMBA training, in a slow, documented, worked on, and refined immersive and collective experience.

To learn more about responsible leadership and self-leadership:

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