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27 June 2024

In conversation with Cyrille Reynard: “Continuous skill and knowledge development is crucial for all, beyond PhDs and formal qualifications”

Today’s world of finance demands strategic wisdom and strong networking, and embodying these principles will make the difference between success and redundancy. Career elevation can be accomplished through the power of education and continuous learning, and this has been proven evidently by our Alumni Cyrille Reynard. He spoke to us in detail about how his career was set in a place and time that navigated complex challenges and unique insights, giving him the wisdom that even today, has proven invaluable. He began his telltale with the experience and the impact of the EMBA from UNIGE on his career path.

Driven by aspirations
For Cyrille, it was an immersive and rewarding journey, he recalls, “Juggling family, studies, and work was a challenge but the university provided adequate support, and the deadlines were manageable.” He found it to be an advantage, significantly enriching his understanding of the diverse backgrounds and expertise that the class of EMBA offered. Cyrille explained his appreciation for the flexibility provided by the program, opening up to local and international lectures, and offering opportunities for expansive networking. “Collaborating with a Doctor, Engineer, and Lawyer: Harnessing Diverse Expertise for Enriched Outcomes” He expressed. This experience took place from 2011 to 2012.

Inspired by a vision of leadership
EMBA was a choice, a decision based on a drive to climb the corporate ladder. Cyrille said, “The EMBA has been instrumental in my transition from a middle management role at a prestigious Swiss bank to an aspiring leader, overseeing larger teams and assuming greater responsibilities”. With extensive experience in the military and a financial professional background, he felt the need for further enhancement through academic training to gain the edge on additional knowledge and tools that were innovative at that time. For him, the University of Geneva was an ideal choice because the curriculum offered, accreditation, reputation, and especially being recognized locally and internationally, met his expectations, complementing his financial background.

Career advancement through networking
The shared experiences within the class were as beneficial as the formal teachings. The EMBA Program had a profound impact on Cyrille’s career, surpassing academic gains. “I did not anticipate how significantly classmates, alumni, and professors would help my career,” he admits. Cyrille maintained connections with several peers and professors, which facilitated his continued academic research and career development, even after graduating. Cyrille said: “The network composed of professor, alumni and student has helped me to progress in my career. Participating in alumni activities has open new doors and new knowledges”.

Contributions to Academia and Industry
Cyrille’s academic journey did not end with his EMBA. He began conducting research and publishing papers with the assistance of professors and peers. His research initially focused on human risk and fraud in banks but later expanded to cybercrime and cybersecurity. During the COVID-19 pandemic, his work included studying the risks and opportunities of remote work. Currently, Cyrille is working on a new study on comprehensive analysis on AI usage, conducted under the Operational Risk Observatory, a higher education association, where he serves as president.
He emphasizes that continuous development is crucial for sustainable growth, a message particularly relevant for the younger generation. Cyrille firmly believes in the value of constant learning. “I’ve always believed in reinforcing my technical knowledge and not being in a hurry to achieve my goals,” he says. This philosophy has been a guiding principle throughout his career, helping him balance his professional and academic pursuits. “Continuous Skill and Knowledge Development is Crucial for All, Beyond PhDs and Formal Qualifications,” he advises.

Research on risk management and AI
Cyrille has defined his journey as an exemplary move in strategic choice of education and building a strong professional network, setting up the premises to excel one’s career to new heights. We can understand the importance of continuous learning, compliance with change, and the role of academia and network. This collection of success elements is keynotes for aspiring leaders of today in the financial sector to draw inspiration from Cyrille’s transitional journey through perseverance, commitment, and dedication to excellence.
Currently, Cyrille is deeply involved in research “comprehensive analysis on AI usage, revealing its impact on productivity, decision-making, and ethical challenges across various sectors”. His team is collecting data and conducting interviews to understand the impact of AI on companies. “The final paper will be published by the end of the summer,” he shares. This research is part of his ongoing commitment to advancing knowledge and contributing to various sectors.

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