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1 December 2023

In conversation with Martial Challandes: “The Learning experience geared me with new insights and understanding to address challenges in the ever-evolving IT landscape.”

The Landscape for IT is at a rapid change and such transformation is influenced by entrepreneurship and creativity. Success is driven by CIOs and their acquired set of comprehensive skills, knowledge, and change in environment to cope with complex challenges and opportunities. Some claim that the trend has never altered, but only leveled the playing field. Martial Challandes, Head of IT & Tech at RTS – Radio Télévision Suisse, shares his insight on how he achieved Leadership excellence through Executive MBA (EMBA) from University of Geneva (UNIGE) and mitigated his journey with the IT revolution.

Accessing exclusive Business and Organizational Insights – UNIGE EMBA
The decision to optimize his career led Martial to hand select UNIGE’s EMBA, a prestigious program belonging top the top 30 MBA’s in the world. In his own words, Martial describes the experience as, “a backstage pass to the diverse specific domains of organizations and businesses”. The program covered areas which he found invaluable to this day, which talked about Global Business Environment, Cross-Culture Management, Strategic Management, International Marketing, International Finance and Sustainable Business Practices. The journey was stimulating for Martial where collaboration with peers, supporting faculty and guest lecturers from across Europe contributed as to the learning experience.

A Catalyst for Professional Growth and Sophistication
Working with RTS, Martial directs several aspects of the organization, streamlining team leadership, operations, cyber initiatives, budget control and project management. The EMBA equipped him with the tools and frameworks with which he addresses complex challenges in his division expertly. Martial reflects, “Thanks to my UNIGE EMBA, I successfully navigated challenges and brought refinement to my professional journey. The learning experience geared me with new insights and understanding to address challenges in the ever-evolving IT landscape.” Importantly, he emphasizes that a significant takeaway from the EMBA was the embedded personal development process woven throughout the entire curriculum, shaping not just his professional skills, but also fostering his leadership style.”

A Foundation for AI Adoption and Implementation
With in the IT industry, its evident to see AI as a driving force for Change and value creation, and to emphasize the importance of Innovation management, Martial states, “AI is currently at its expectations peak. It is a tech field that we need to embrace more rapidly and organize its deployment sustainably. The methods learned along the EMBA journey play a role there too!”. The EMBA engages around innovation and entrepreneurship. It therefore demystifies some myths that innovation is somewhat fast and fun. Innovation is chaotic and rather slow! The EMBA engages IT leaders not only to realize AI but also to transfer from innovation to production in an effective and sustainable manner with its focus on Corporate Governance and Business Ethics, Change and Leadership Management, Conflict Resolve and Negotiation.

We know now that the IT industry is riddled with complex challenges, where effective communication, coaching and courage are valuable assets to have, and UNIGE EMBA had enabled Martial as he had incepted. This profound testimony illustrates Martial’s career trajectory and the transformative impact EMBA had made on his professional journey. He is a setting example of how important it is to strive towards continuous learning and adaptability so as to curbing uncertainties in today’s Tech division.

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