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April, 17 in Inside

Sabrina Cavallero: “I remain convinced that the greatest value of the EMBA is the network I had developed during those two years”

Many industrial experts in the past and presently are sparring with age old challenges and advance demands, facing the singing bird of questions and doubts. New knowledge and research acquired through higher studies by leading experts have shown that theories needed testing to find answers.

We contacted one of our Alumni who is an expert in public Health care (Operations and practices) in Geneva, Switzerland. Sabrina Cavallero has progressed in her career for over 27 years, had shared her point of view on how she chose UNIGE to advance her career path and elevate her professional makeover into further success.

We asked Sabrina what was her success story before and after UNIGE.

I was looking for a “professional and personal friendly” class compatible with my activity and needed a qualification recognized and validated by my employer.
The EMBA class gave me the tools to develop my characteristics and abilities. Furthermore, it has been like a springboard and an excellent source of motivation and self-confidence. I enjoyed the diversity of the public from multiple backgrounds and could share many professional and personal experiences. That has been the biggest challenge within the EMBA class; learning from each other.
Considering the courses and the professors themselves largely met my expectations and some even exceeded them. In particular the change management course, given by Prof Probst, former Dean of the WEF.
The theoretical part of the EMBA allowed me to approach themes and areas globally, that were not familiar to me and to deepen those that constituted my core business.
It is clear that the knowledge and tools I acquired through the courses and group work helped me to develop practical skills. And yet, I remain convinced that the greatest value of the EMBA is the network I had developed during those two years.

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